Monday, October 12, 2009

Buns and more buns...

Dearest Rach (or should I say Smokin' buns?),

A lot has happened since my last blog - I traded cooking in for nursing for a few weeks, but now I'm back and ready to multi-task. Actually, while eating the great meals made by thoughtful friends and our lovely mother, I was inspired and more than a little ready to get back into the kitchen.

To follow on your bread theme (can't wait to try that foccacia!), I kicked homemade burgers up a notch and made my own buns. Hamburgers have been a favourite of mine since our childhood. Friday nights were burger nights in the Reems household, we were a crew that thrived on routine in our food- burgers on Friday; pancakes on saturday morning; muffins made by Guy before church; eggs for Sunday dinner; and the most important tradition of all? Ice cream during The Magical World of Disney/Road to Avonlea Sunday night specials. We were nothing if not structured. So there is still something familiar and expectant about sinking my chomps into a big 'ol burg.. the week is over, let's get on with the weekend!

I used this Canadian Living recipe with great results. This is definitely slated for many frequent repeats. I stuck to the recipe this time and used white flour - I am going to try a third whole wheat next time. These buns flew off the table. I caught Mike eating a few extra without the patty; they were also delicious the next day.

It was good seeing you this weekend - how was that second Thanksgiving dinner with the Speller clan? Aside from ferry craziness we had a great time in Victoria. The company was lovely as always, the food was great... though Joan if you're reading this I would rethink the homemade plum juice addition to the punch bowl.
(Couldn't resist sneaking this pic in - isn't she a beauty?).

Love Haley


  1. I love this blog, Haley! Such a great idea to address your posts to each other. I look forward to peeking in regularly. Maybe it will inspire a love for cooking in me that is to-date, quite absent... =)

    Jen =)

  2. I also REALLY love the idea of writing to eachother. Good stuff.