Monday, November 23, 2009

Sending out an S-O-S

So Rach- WHERE ARE YOU? Seriously, everyday I log onto my laptop, hoping to see a delicious recipe for yet another inspiring creation, but alas, nothing. I do realize that you are a busy high-school English teacher, with classrooms of young adolescent crushes to fend off, while my days lately are fairly routine. You know how it is, time spent sitting on the bathroom floor next to the potty, or having impromptu dance-parties with a two-year old. Another sizable portion of my days is devoted to food production - whether baking with Finn, preparing nutritious meals for myself and the busy toddler, or sustaining a two-month old with "mommy milk" (sorry if this is too graphic). So every now and then it's nice to take a break from the usual breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack routine and venture into the fun and exciting world of grown-up food - appetizers!

We had some friends over on Saturday night and I was excited to pull out an old faithful sweet appy concoction. It's my firm belief that between the hot spinach dip and the crock of mini meatballs there needs to be something sweet and definitely over-the-top. This apple dip tastes amazing, looks fabulous and is ready in minutes. Only assembly is required.

On a round platter or plate assemble your layers-

Layer 1- Spread 1 package of softened cream cheese in a round circle (I use light). You can use spreadable cream cheese or a block for this.

Layer 2- Top with caramel spread. This is different than caramel sauce or syrup and is found next to the peanut butter in your grocery store.

Layer 3- Sprinkle with chopped-up chocolate bars. I was introduced to this with broken-up Skor bars, but mix it up sometimes. On Saturday I used up leftover mini-Snickers from the Halloween stash.

Finally, slice up apples for dipping I wait to do this until right before the party, and still toss the apples in a bit of lemon juice to prevent browning. I insist that you put the apple slices in a circle around your dip.

It's that easy. Take this to a Christmas party and everyone will love you.

OK, please let me know that you're alive. I might have to come to Victoria to find you. On Wednesday. On the 5:00 ferry. Good times!


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