Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The cake was fabulous - though the step-up that yours had over mine was the big, beautiful coconut shavings.

Thanks for your food list- If the world revolved around me, rather than status updates, Facebook would give me food updates- you know, let me know what my friends are eating hour by hour. When I'm asking Mike about his day what I really want to know is - what did you have for lunch?

As I sit on the couch tonight with a full belly I'll give you my delicious day -

Breakfast- leftover birthday pancakes with cream cheese and raspberry sauce (sauce from leftover cake)
Lunch- Finn and I polished off leftover home-made birthday sushi. Finn had enough soy sauce in this meal to equal his normal sodium intake for a week, maybe a month.
Nap-time snack - leftover cake
Dinner-baked spaghetti and meat balls, spinach salad with balsamic vinaigrette, in-laws here so I stepped it up a notch and finally got around to making your foccacia bread topped with two sliced garlic cloves and rosemary. (I love living back in BC - my rosemary and thyme have flourished all winter - and my chives think that it is spring and have started sprouting again.). Anyway the bread was great, I loved the shaggy dough concept. I made a double batch and have half the dough sitting in my fridge for pizza tomorrow night.
Dessert- leftover cake

Are you seeing a theme here? There's still one piece left...

I too am mulling over Valentine treat possibilities. A front runner is your chocolate mousse torte - but I don't want to commit to early- I need have something to daydream about whilst pushing the swing at the playground!

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