Sunday, July 4, 2010

Well Moochy, I'm off. The panniers are packed, the bike dismantled and shoved into a cardboard box, and the house as clean as it's ever been. No, the Asian family will not be coming to stay in my suite for the summer. Unfortunate to miss out on the extra cash, but best in the long run as they would likely have been scandalized by the other occupants of our building--and two adults and two kids in a one bedroom is a bit of a squeeze.

Anyhow, we're excited...looking forward to bratwurst in Germany and pannekoek in Holland. I checked out the Chocolate and Zucchini blog, wherein lies an edible guide to Paris. Very exciting. I will send you pictures.

In the meantime, we're less than thrilled by the new security measures which ban you from bringing food on international flights, leaving us vulnerable to whatever comes out on a plastic tray...
Goodbye my Mooch, keep posting. Sorry for my lapses. I loved the gift. I did call you about it but you were about to host a child's birthday party, which would have made a great post, actually.


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