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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Crockpot Chicken

There's something wonderful about having a meal in a crock pot. Friday was a bit more sparkly knowing that I was super woman. That while I was busy conquering the world, my trusty sous chef, my dependable Mr. Crock was toiling away. And the smell when I walked in the door - nothing better than that aroma, Dinner-is-served. It's all I could do from announcing that I was upping dinnertime to 4:00.

If you want to create your own Superhero alter ego, I present: Crockpot Chicken. This is going into my regular meal rotation. I'm thinking of getting a costume made. With 10 minutes of prep - I peeled a few potatoes and rough chopped a few carrots and an onion, a sprinkle of seasoning and that was it, Mr. Crock took it from there.

I had some great tips, Erin directed me to Allrecipes,  but advised me to crisscross carrots underneath. Betty told me to add an onion. And then came my cousin Sonja's brilliance, I am posting it below in full in case you missed her comment.

I took everyone's advice. My crockpot was crammed full with that bird perched on a bed on veggies, but the lid closed and I was in business. Sonja had great advice on sticking to root vegetables, and keeping them big and chunky. I love mushy veg, but not everyone does, including my children. They turned up their noses at mushy potatoes, onions, and brussel sprouts. But they gobbled down their chicken, the carrots, and leftover rice.

Sonja's Crockpot Chicken
(Haley note: Mine was on low from 7:30 am until 5pm)

We do a whole chicken in the crock pot ALL the kids love whole chicken and so I have developed a variety of methods. For crock potting...

A roasting chicken works better.

Cook the chicken on low, skin on. I like a spice rub of paprika, salt, pepper, cayenne, sometimes lemon juice....I think I followed a recipe once on All Recipes that was good but since I just make it up! Rub the spice on the inside and outside of the bird.

I sometimes put the bird on tinfoil balls if I want stuff to stay out of the fat, but it depends how full I am cramming the crockpot. It does help the veggies be less mushy. I ALWAYS put in potatoes and root veggies because I NEVER want to cook when I come home and the crock pot is on...but they get mushy, so make the pieces biggish and stick with root veggies. I find parsnip adds a lot of flavour, so I'd be tempted to try that.

Cook the chicken BREAST SIDE DOWN. This is from Deb on Smitten Kitchen. It means the juices flow through the bird into the dry breast meat. it makes a GIAGANTIC difference, creating a continually moist, succulent meat.

Finally, have all the stuff for chicken stock done when you're prepping the crock pot. Then you add the bones and make chicken noodle soup (again a la Deb in Smitten Kitchen for best results) and VOILA, another meal accomplished.

Enjoy!! If you like doing whole chicken, in the summer, you MUST try the Beer Ass Chicken. Amazing!