Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Eggplant Parmesan


Your nephew had his first dentist appointment today. I had an attack of the giggles, the likes that haven' t hit since high-school. Finn was the model patient: he beamed a big grin at the appropriate times during the up and down chair demonstration; he opened his mouth wide, not even waiting to be asked (evidently over-coached by mommy and the Bernstein Bears); he made fishy lips around Mr. Vacuum during the cleaning. His only difficulty- and the reason for my giggle attack- tongue placement. That little tongue had a life of its own. However, since Finn won't be dating until he's 22, his tongue control will have some time to develop.

Oh yes, this is a food blog. Well, teeth do play an important roll in masticating one's food. Tonight's meal, Eggplant Parmesan was delicious, though the chewing was minimal, as it was a melt-in-my-mouth kind of meal. I had purchased a bag of eggplants at Costco with the plan of making one of my favourites - moussaka; however, making moussaka in one go has just felt to daunting the past few weeks.

Now, if you're looking at this recipe thinking that it looks way too fiddly, you're right, it is a bit fiddly, but it really didn't take too long to make, and the results were delicious. I mostly followed this recipe, but also crossed it with a few other recipes. I sliced the eggplant a bit thicker, I'd say 1.5 cm thick if you're looking for a number, and baked the dredged slices for 15 min per side instead of 5.

Oh, and yes, I am that mother that takes photos of everything. But this is definitely going in the baby book-
OK, I hope you find an internet connection soon. I'm needing some new recipe ideas.


  1. Love the picture! And love that you too are a mum who (a) takes pictures of everything and (b) use the Berenstein Bears as role models. Though I laughed out loud at your tongue description, I sincerely hope you hid this blog from any of Finn's future 22 year-old girlfriends :P

  2. Yum! That pic looks like it came from a magazine. Eggplant is one veggie I have failed to warm up to, but I may have to give it a chance with this recipe.

  3. Ali - No one teaches a good moral lesson like the Berensteins. And you're right, poor Finn, this post is akin to those naked toddler bathtub shots (which I also love)
    Megan - I know, eggplant can be bitter - I have learned over time just to cook it and then cook it some more.