Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Squash and Mac Attack


Watching my kiddies frantically tearing at still-warm smoked salmon, fresh from our neighbour's smoker, was a tender moment for a food-loving mama. Maybe not as significant as a first step, or the first day of kindergarten might be, but still, a moment.

I stepped into the fray (selfishly) to save some for later; I was rewarded by smoked salmon gussying up a boring mac and cheese meal. I correct myself, a macaroni, squash and cheese meal. I have once again resorted to sneaky tactics. The addition of pureed squash was undetectable to the most discerning, Kraft-dinner tarnished, palate. The verdict from my noodle loving clan: wonderful.

(I don't need to tell you whose macaroni was not graced by smoked salmon).

I was deliberating whether or not to give you a recipe. Once again, I'll give you a method that you can play with.

Make a white sauce. Add a good shake of garlic powder (optional), grated cheese and a cup to two cups pureed squash. Toss with cooked noodles and top with more cheese. Bake for 20 minutes (optional). This is a quick and easy meal that can be made earlier in the day and baked before eating.

I usually make mac and cheese to appease the masses at my house; however despite the creamy texture, butter and cheesy-ness, I find it bland. The garlic powder has always helped somewhat, but the addition of smoked salmon was culinary genius; it put this meal into the gastronomic archives (as moderated by my taste buds).

Serve with a salad and you're done. Oh, and your children will love you; particularly your 16-year-old Korean daughter.

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  1. Haley - You won me back with this dish (like I was really going to stop reading after the stuffed acorn squash)! Though the child in me doesn't appreciate sneaky squash being pureed anywhere in my dishes, the adult was intrigued and my tongue salivated at the prospect of smoked salmon. So much that it will be on the menu tomorrow night - yes, Mike and I would definitely have a picky eaters club and not be able to agree on anything to eat! Keep up the great recipes!