Monday, February 20, 2012

Cake Decorating (it's just like milking a cow)

Rach - the Duck is in the works. There are very few hours that go by in a day lately where 'THE DUCK' doesn't pop into my head. Yes, capitalized. Imagine, trying to go about your day with 'THE DUCK' hanging over you; it's more than a bit disconcerting. I know, I know, just get it done already. There are a few poultry details to sort out first. So stay tuned. From ducks to cake decorating-

I attend a weekly ladies group every Wednesday morning. We drink coffee. We eat. We gab. We have a Bible study. We laugh, sometimes we cry. Recently we learned how to decorate cakes.

While my rose petals need some practice, I did learn how to hold a bag full of frosting. I was again reminded that we live in farm country- The most common advice was: 'hold the bag like you're milking a cow.' These girls weren't referring to milking in the abstract, no their wise words came from an intimate knowledge of Bessy's utters. I appreciated that it was just taken for granted that I would have such a skill set.

Note to self: Learn how to milk a cow


  1. Hmmm, milking a cow, it seems...intimate.

    Great photos! I like the montage.

    And yes, the duck, I imagine it in the shadows, smoking.

  2. I can tell you are not a farm native...a cow does not utter anything but "moo" however it does have udders....

    1. Awk! good catch Sonja. Must be that time spent in Duncan. Way too clever for a mom with a newborn :)

  3. Genius. Pure genius. Some chuckles were heard while reading this one.