Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Dutch meatball challenge

Rach -

A few weeks ago we lost Grandma - physically, anyway. We lost our spunky little grandmother slowly over the past few years, dementia taking her away from us. For those of us that loved her, our grief over her death was tempered with relief, the relief that she is again her whole self - I'm sure she has Heaven in good order, sitting cozily with Oma as they continue to monitor our lives from above.

As well as a meticulous housekeeper, Grandma was an amazing cook. She loved to cook for her family and we all have a lengthy list of our favourites - dutch pancakes, appelflappen, apple tart, booterkoek, borecole, her chicken (I loved that chicken).. this is just the start of a long list. When we were reminiscing a few weeks ago I mentioned THE MEATBALL; others in our family nodded knowingly, they had been in on the meatball the whole time. Mom recalled meatball nights as being her favourite nights growing up. I confess I felt a bit like I missed the boat on this one - I didn't experience Grandma's meatball perfection until more recently. The truth is, I'd never been a huge meatball fan- they were fine, but nothing to rave about.

And then I had Grandma's meatball. Meatball, singular. I'm talking about a large ball with a crispy, brown crusty outside and a soft melt-in-your mouth inside meaty inside. I'm almost positive that they were baked - I recall a small corningware dish with exactly 2 meatballs of perfection, one for her and one for me. And the drippings or 'shoo' as we called it, to be served over the boiled potatoes. Ahh, meatball bliss. And that was it, my one experience of Grandma's meatball. And alas, there won't be any more.

Which brings me to the challenge. Grandma's meatball. Go.

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