Thursday, April 5, 2012

Hot Cross Bun Reminder

The sun was shining today and all was right with the world. On Monday we had a rough start getting back to routine after enjoying two weeks with Daddy over spring break, but today was lovely; we had lunch at the park, and spent the afternoon pounding the culd-de-sac pavement and gardening. The kiddies played nicely - only the usual spats over the purple little tykes car and who got to hold the bag of chalk. And Asher - those chubby cheeks are the sweetest.

It's Good Friday tomorrow and in true Reems fashion I will be making Hot Cross buns. I'm including a link to Joan's recipe that I usually I make and one from Rachel. I noticed that Rachel omitted any raisins/dried fruit in her recipe, so I recommend adding a cup or two before kneading, the amount according to your mood.
I'm going to try a combo of the two. I'm sticking with regular flour, Rachel's is whole wheat, but I want to try kneading the butter in at the end of the recipe as per her method and I also want to try her honey glaze.

Joan's Hot Cross Bun Recipe

Rachel's (courtesy of Laurel)

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