Wednesday, June 27, 2012

1 Ingredient Ice Cream

Today we finally had summer. Finn looked at me, slightly cross-eyed with exhaustion, but happy "Mommy, today was awesome. I had THREE water fights." Watching Finn, the newly minted 5-year-old "water fight" is entertaining. Two thirds of the time he is stoic, he is dodging, he is spraying - but the other third of the time is spent alternating between high pitched shrieking and the occasional wail. Water fighting against your 8-year-old  and 10-year-old buddies, while mostly awesome, has a few drawbacks. You're a little slower on the super soaker re-fill, and a little behind in the dodging. You occasionally find yourself in a chilly deluge. And of course your mean mommy makes you use hose water, not the requested warm tap water. She was brought up on water fights; being sprayed down by her siblings, and of course the biggest bully- Dad, who was always good for a bucket full of cold water on the head. Water fights are good for you - character building really.

Here's a different kind of summer awesome - 1 ingredient Ice Cream. Yes, you're clever, you've already got that ingredient figured out. Bananas. The ingredient always at the top of my grocery list, right after milk.

I saw the recipe for 1-Ingredient Ice cream on Apartment Therapy and made a mental note to try it. It combines my love of ice cream with my love of bananas. A no-brainer, really. Since then I've seen a few clever additions - a scoop of peanut butter or nutella, a dash of cocoa. But of course that would make it 2-ingredient, or even 3-ingredient ice cream.

So for the coolness of this post I've stuck to 1-Ingredient. Bananas. Yup, that's it, and it tastes great, creamy and delicious with kind of a gelato texture. And the kids don't know it's good for them . Perfect. Of course, since it was so healthy I figured a handful of chocolate chips was a requirement.

Recipe? Take some bananas. Slice them. Freeze them - about 2 hours is perfect, if longer like I do because I forget they'll just take a bit more time in your food processor or blender. Blend (processor or blender with a bit of side scraping). Eat. Log onto your computer. Go to this post and tell me how much you love me in the comments section.


  1. Creepy. I have also been making this banana ice cream. Except, I add cream (one cup per three to four bananas). Don't tell Joan.

  2. I am really going to try this. I suppose I can't use the creepy black things that are piling up in the freezer? It has to be fresh, sliced, bananas? Now to dig out my blender...

  3. Hmmm - probably need to use fresh ones. Though you could nuke the creepy ones just enough to get the skin off and then use them - or soak them in water just long enough to do the same thing. I've been peeling my brown ones now and chucking them in a ziplock so I have the option of icecream or banana bread.