Monday, July 23, 2012


Last week I had two amazing seafood feasts. I'm trying to decide which was better. The first was a solo meal -yup, just me, and a crab (no, not Mike), and a deck overlooking the sea. Three days later I was sitting on a patio with my sister, dishing in Kitsilano at Chewies over crabcakes and a plate of raw Fanny Bay oysters. Yup, raw oysters. I was a raw oyster virgin, and Rach, experienced in the area of oyster slurping, held my hand through it all. The first was a bit rough, but the third... The third oyster slid down quite nicely.

How to Cook and Eat Crab

1) Take crab - the fresher the better. Plucked from its happy home moments before your plate? Perfect.
2) Boil water with a pinch of sea salt
3) Pop crab in for 10 minutes
4) Crack those legs, suck those juices. Savour - and push aside the herbed butter. A crab this fresh doesn't need anything except your adoration.

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