Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Thanks for waiting..

If you're still following us, thanks. We've had a long hiatus. Too long, but we're almost back, almost.. And we promise to return with great goals of regular posting, updates, exciting glimpses into our lives and kitchens. The drama! The excitement!

I'm going to give you a teaser. This is the spider cake creation from Finn's birthday bash last June. Because every post needs to have a picture. And the Spider Cake deserved a post. It was awesome. And this weekend I will be attempting (cue suspenseful music): The mermaid cake Stay tuned.

Spider Cake

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  1. finally :) where is your co-blogger? glad to know you are alive. i know you will make a fabulous mermaid cake come sunday cause that is just what you do. hugs and kisses to punz on her day.